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Complete Website Template

38 stunning web design ideas that will get people clicking

Creating a website for your business can be a big challenge; it’s a lot of pressure to design the best reflection of your company, digitally. Think of it as a “virtual storefront” where the homepage is the front door. You want your website to be aesthetically pleasing enough to invite them in and an appealing web design helps you do that. Here we’ve collected some great web design inspiration to start you off on the right foot and get those web design ideas flowing.

But there is more than just that to effective web design. Let’s go over the basics for what makes a good website before we look at some brilliant website design ideas.

What makes a good website?

1. Effective and evolving design

Have you ever clicked on a website and instantly got lost in the clutter of buttons, text and links? The impression your website makes directly reflects the competency of your business. A well-designed page is important for building trust and communicating value to potential customers.

So, it’s best to always keep the user experience in mind when designing; elements like a compelling layout, whitespace, excellent copy and a thoughtful style guide will go far in grabbing and maintaining customer attention. A good balance in web design encourages a good experience for your customers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Communicating your brand identity

Your website plays a key part in building a consistent brand identity. Your logo, tagline, branded imagery and values should be obvious through the messaging of every page of the website. Accumulatively, your site should clearly answer “who” and “what” your brand is/does so that visitors get it within seconds!

What About My hosting Plan ?

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Shared 1st Plan

Rs 1299 /Six month

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Appealing to your audience

The most important part of building a brand and website is keeping your target audience in mind. All design choices need to answer how you can best serve them and create a positive, memorable and unique experience for them. Without this, you won’t be able to stand up next to competitors. Use language and imagery that will appeal to them and reflect values they can relate to.

Focusing on value

When a visitor arrives on your homepage, it needs to compel them to stick around. The homepage is the best place to nail your value proposition so that prospective customers choose to stay on your website and not navigate to your competitors’. By offering a quality service/product and using the tips above, you will convert those who are “just browsing” into customers!

Our favorite web design ideas

With those points in mind, let us start you off on the right foot with a round up of our favorite, current web designs to get your inspiration flowing. When checking out the themes below, consider your brand identity and target audience to discern what themes or trends could be most compelling to the right people.

Getting cozy with color

A lovely way to welcome your website visitors and invite them to stay a while is to use color schemes that are easy on the eyes, like neutrals or pastels, which naturally influence calm and relaxation. Natural greens, pastel blues, warm browns, light pinks, cool greys, and sand tones are among those colors that are less jarring to interact with than the contrast of pure black or pure white.

A neutral background allows a brighter or contrasting foreground to stand out, softly. It draws your users’ attention to the bits you want it to (so your branded visuals or products etc.) whilst guiding them towards call-to-actions and other buttons.

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